Russian Style Folkestra

About our Orchestra

The Russian Style Folkestra led by Dmitry Kalinin is one of the most energetic, exciting and truly original in Russia today.


During 3-year existence Russian Style Folkestra took part in the «Feel Russia» festival (the world project of the Russian Ministry of Culture) in Germany, France, Vietnam, Argentina, gave two recitals — Variety Theatre (October 2014) and the Crocus City Hall (May 2015), has set the record of Russia — the highest concert in Europe (the Ostankino television tower observation deck) and played live at an altitude of 10,000 meters (on board the aircraft Paris-Moscow). In May 2016, Russian Style Style also took part in Russia-ASEAN summit as well as set the record for the longest suspended footbridge in the world concert.

The Russian Style Folkestra repertoire consists of Russian folk music, foreign classical music of different genres as well as the author’s own compositions written in a FOLK-ART style.

«Russian Style» makes folk music modern, popular not only in Russia but all around the world. Until now the fact that «Kalinka-Malinka» can be played on balalaika only was evident fact but Folkestra presented also Nirvana, Rammstein, Bon Jovi and Adele and it became a big surprise. Russian Style Folkestra boldly mixes different styles and weaves of very different culture into a single thread of music.

Russian Style Folkestra always plays live and each concert is a real show with special effects and interactive with the audience. Unconditional trump of each concert — bright designer suits in the Russian folk and rock style.

«Russian Style» Folkestra boldly breaks stereotypes changing the idea of ​​the usual sound of traditional Russian instruments!